Amazing immaculate garden on the top of the coastal cliffs in Etretat, France. It filled with frozen in time life-plant sculptures, ocean mist, music and poetry. You will be immersed in mystery tale just on the edge of busy touristic beach town.

All shades of green from cool greys to warm and bright chartreuse filled the garden creating textured tapestry enveloping the steep slope. Neatly shaped and sculptured plants intermingled with stone benches, slate colored  faces and stick figurines. Absence of color except white and green hydrangea blooms add drama to this garden. 

It’s one of my favorite places in Normandy that I discovered in August of 2018.

Gigantic orange clay chimes sing with constant coastal winds suspended in the harmony of repetition of flowing forms  and monochromatic color scheme to spice the garden up.

Dreaming of coming back….



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