Often nature evokes strong emotions and inspires design directions, especially as you reflect on how the colors or the forms affect your emotional state – calming mesmerizing  still water and exciting undulating sandstone curves. 

/Glen Canyon region/Antelope Slot Canyon/Lake Powel Marina/Lone Rock Beach/Travel 

During my travel (spring 2019), I was absolutely astonished to experience the desert, canyons and nature parks of Utah, Arizona and Colorado. Here is just a few photographs from this trip.

 Sun emboldens desert colors. Look at these amazing colors – canyon sandstone looks almost translucent and emitting surreal colors, as sun rays hit the stone curves down the canyon slot.

Another opportunity to check the works of Color Theory in real life – what an amazing demonstration of complimentary color themes – Red-Orange and Turquoise, Blue and shades of Orange – Brown, or analogous Orange – Red – Magenta – Purple.   

Stillness of water expanses certainly brings a meditative state…



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